About On The Edge

On the Edge operates out of Chilliwack and has been servicing Fraser Valley, Canada for over 10 years of residential cleaning. Starting out with gutters and windows, over time we have excelled in other areas such as roof cleaning; including tile, asphalt shingle and aluminium roofs. If you have any questions please give us a call at 604-316-3292 or get your FREE Quote online now.

We continually strive to devise the best possible methods to ensure safer, longer lasting cleans, which is one of the reasons why On The Edge is a leading Canada based property services business today.

Having learnt from the best in the industry; the R.C.I.A (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) provides us with expert knowledge of any of the problems we may face in servicing your property. Additionally we are highly recommended by its founder, Chris Tucker who operates Apple Roof Cleaning in the United States.