Gutter cleaning & service

Clogged gutter close up

The removal of debris from your home or property is important; as you likely don't know what kind of contaminants could be in the gutters.

Seagulls, crows, pigeons or any other type of birds bring food (chicken bones, mice, moles, smaller birds) up from dumpsters and leave droppings all over your roof. Anything that's on your roof will eventually get into your gutters; so it's important to not just blast out all debris all over the place, but to extract it and take it away from your home.

The majority of the time we can air blow your gutters, such as when they are completely dry or when 99% of the debris is leaves from trees. Occasionally there are some exceptions to air blowing your gutters; such as when they are impossible to access due to too much overhang on the first row of shingles.

Not cleaning your gutters regularly can result in the above; leaks on mitred joints, sagging gutters from too much water weight, water overflow behind or over the face of your gutters or ruined vegetation on your surrounding landscape.

There are alternatives to keep your gutters flowing all year round. A product we highly recommend which works extremely well is a hard filter insert in your gutter system. Once the product is installed it assists in maintaining a passage for an increased volume of water flow, despite any debris which may have built up; thus reducing the chance of clogging quite significantly. On The Edge can provide and install this gutter-saving product as part of our complete solution for the integrity of your roof.