Your most important investment

When we arrive at your property, a full visual inspection is performed to evaluate the overall condition of the roof, siding and gutters. Any issues that may be a threat to your home or property will be photographed and brought to your attention.

The first coat of our cleaning solution ProWash is applied to your roof; killing and removing 75% of the infestation. The second coat covers all the thicker, more infested areas and will remove any remaining gloeocapsa magma on the roof. The entire roof is treated whether there are signs of bacteria growth or not; to guarantee best results.

After the entirety of the bacteria is killed, all the dead moss, algae, lichen and fungi will be rinsed off the roof into the gutters. The remaining debris in the gutters will be bagged and taken away from the property.

Every roof cleaning service is backed with our 2 year guarantee for returning bacterial growth. Note: Pressure Washing will void your warranty.