Common property service FAQs

Find our collection of common roof, siding and gutter cleaning FAQs below.

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Q: What payment types do you accept?


On The Edge accepts cheque, cash & major credit cards. With no hidden charges for payment with Visa or Mastercard.

Q: Why should I get my roof cleaned?


When moss, lichen and algae dwell too long on a roof, the fungus will eventually eat away at it, causing damage and a premature roof life. Cleaning your roof is a small investment to make sure it lasts as long as it should. After a cleaning, it also shows the overall condition of your roof; making it apparent if there should be any small fixes or repairs. Cleaning your roof also results in saving energy costs in your home. Darker surfaces tend to absorb more heat so in the summer your air conditioning has to work much harder to maintain the same temperature. After cleaning severe growth of algae on some roofs, clients have saved up to 40% on there electrical bill.

Q: Do you use a pressure washer to clean the roof?


Pressure washing is never an option performed on any roof we do. Anything over 100 PSI can start stripping the granules off your roof causing further damage. Removing the infestation using pressure without killing it is only a very temporary fix; with re-growth in as soon as months in some cases. Not only that but the bacteria and spores which were spread by the pressure will cause growth everywhere! We apply our solution with the pressure of a garden hose, and rinse your roof using a high volume of water and 90 PSI maximum pressure. If you can't put your hand directly in front of the nozzle where the water is coming out, you are using too much pressure. Note: In some cases we manually remove the moss by hand prior to applying our solution.

Q: Why not clean my roof myself?


An inexperienced person can do more harm than good when cleaning a roof. Pressure washing for instance is used primarily for concrete, brick or harder compound surfaces. Pressure washing siding can result in water entering behind the surface, causing further problems. Using high pressure on a roof can also do this and other damage to the roof surface or shingles. The type of equipment used is very important to perform the service as safe as possible. Ladder stabilizers are a must, higher grade ladders, proper foot wear, the right guns/wands and most of all fall protection is mandatory. Using the wrong chemicals can result in huge repair bills, destroy your landscaping and permanently stain any surface you are treating. It takes knowledge and experience to perform tasks like these on your home efficiently and correctly.

Q: How does cleaning my roof benefit me?


Despite the amount of fungi, moss, lichen or other dirt your roof will look new again; as if it were just installed. Regular quality roof maintenance will not only give curb appeal, but will increase the life by two to three times longer than that of a neglected one. Roof cleaning is approximately 1/10th of the cost of having a new roof installed.

Q: Why should I trust and use On The Edge to clean my roof, siding or gutters?


On The Edge has been servicing the Fraser Valley region for over 10 years and is expert at tackling the common problems of moss, lichen and algae on roofs or siding across the West Coast of Canada. We are not only affordable, but work with a network of other soft wash companies across North America to ensure the best quality service possible. On The Edge has learned from the best in the industry and we come highly recommended by the founder of the R.C.I.A (Roof Cleaning Institute of America) Chris Tucker. It's no wonder that we offer a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE on all roof cleans we do!

Q: What types of roofs do you clean?


Asphalt shingles, slate, tile, metal & aluminium roofs. For more information on our exact process visit our services page.