Roof cleaning

We use ProWash by On The Edge for all house/strata/commercial washing & roof cleans. Our main ingredient is sodium hypochlorite with a blend of surfactants and detergents optimized for ideal results. We apply this to your roof with no more than 90 PSI (hose pressure) and then it's fully rinsed using hose pressure. In some cases we will manually remove the moss by hand before applying our solution. This solution works perfectly for cleaning the following roof types:

Asphalt shingle damage

Asphalt shingles cleaned by Edge

  • Bare tiles
  • Slate
  • Painted tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Aluminium

Each type of roof requires proper mixes and ratios of solution, to ensure best and safe results. All roof cleaning services are backed with our 2 year guarantee.

Roof cleaning is vital for the entire lifespan of your roof. Roofs left untreated for too long result in premature roof failure; before the roofs expected expiry date. A clean roof also returns curb appeal for your home and lowers your air conditioning bill. A small investment can save you a much bigger one if left for too long.

If you see any sort of green clumps, black streaks, or yellow/orange spots on your roof don't wait until it's too late. Call today at 604-316-3292 or get your FREE Quote online and let us cleanse the infestation before it does further damage to your roof.

The picture on the top right is showing damage done from an infestation that we cleaned on an asphalt shingle roof. The bottom right image shows a close up of shingles after they were cleaned by On The Edge.