Terms of agreement

  1. Anything that is not written in this agreement is not included or assumed to be included.
  2. Any charges On the Edge incurs to remove rodents, bees, wasps, or pests in order to perform the work indicated will be passed on to the homeowner.
  3. On the Edge has the right to withdraw from this agreement if, after we have started the project, we find reason that any sort of clean will not produce good result. Deposit money will be returned to the customer and no further obligations or liabilities whatsoever will be the responsibility of either party.
  4. Roof treatment warranty - 2 YEARS: On the Edge guarantees the roof treatment to keep re-occurring organic matter growth not to return for a period of 2 years. If any organic matter is to return to an area treated, re-treatment will be provided to the area or areas affected, product supplied free. On the Edge will professionally service the returning organic matter but labour and preparation charges will apply (at fair market value).
  5. If used, roof anchors are 100% guaranteed against leaks for a period of the roof’s lifetime.
  6. Free inspection available: On the Edge will inspect your roof free of charge sometime after the first year. It is the homeowners responsibility to call after the first year to set up an appointment.

Note - conditions: No coverage for storm damage and/or snow/ice damming problems. Roof and gutters must be kept clear of debris. Roof is not to be pressure washed or hard friction brushed. On the Edge strongly suggests removing trees which regularly drop excess amounts of debris or drippings on your roof, if not, the treatment will be overwhelmed. This guarantee is fully transferable. You must notify On the Edge of the new owners within 30 days of sale of the house. On the Edge shall not be liable for, and this guarantee does not cover, leaks and/or damages caused by the following: a) Natural disasters or acts of God, including but not limited to: flood, lightening, hail, gale, hurricane, earthquake, insects or animals, fire explosion, chemical attack, acts of war or terrorism. b) Excessive traffic or storage of materials on roof. c) Failure of the owner to utilize reasonable care for maintenance or the roof and/or building, including roof snow and ice removal. d) Moisture entering the roof area through walls, rooftop hardware or equipment, or any part of the building structure. e) Deterioration or failure of building components, including but not limited to: the roof substrate, walls, mortar, HVAC units, etc. f) Defects caused by failure or improper design of the original roofing system, including but not limited to: ceiling insulation, air flow, etc. g) Negligence or willful conduct of third parties, including vandalism and/or misuse. h) Preexisting leaks not disclosed to On the Edge. i) Flaws in the original architecture, engineering or construction of the building. j) Any major changes in the principle usage of the building. k) Deteriorating skylights and/or skylight seals, and/or backpans, brick/cement chimneys, previous caulked areas or counter -flashing (if applicable). This guarantee is limited to the contract amount excluding taxes. Service calls for problems found not to be caused by On the Edge will be subject to a minimum $100.00 service charge. This guarantee is limited by any other stipulation within the original contract.